Sip, Roll, Repeat: 8 Fun Dice-based Drinking Games

When the clatter of dice meets the clinking of glasses, a unique blend of gaming and social revelry comes to life. If you’re looking for dice-based drinking games to flex your unique dice sets and to add a thrilling twist to your celebrations, especially this new year, then you’re in the right place! In this blog, we'll go on a spirited journey through the realm of dice-based drinking games, exploring classic favorites, inventive variations, and the art of turning rolls into sips.

1. Ship, Captain, Crew

Overview: Ship, Captain, Crew is a classic dice game that blends luck and strategy. Each player gets three rolls to achieve the coveted combination of a ship, a captain, and a crew member. The first to successfully assemble this trio assigns drinks to others. Fail, and it's bottoms up for the roller.

How to Play: Players take turns rolling five dice, aiming to get a 6 (ship), a 5 (captain), and a 4 (crew member) in three rolls. Achieving this combo lets the player assign drinks, and failing results in a personal penalty.

2. 7-11-Doubles

Overview: 7-11-Doubles is a fast-paced dice game that combines elements of chance and speed. Players race to roll a 7, 11, or doubles (like two 5s) to avoid downing a drink. The catch? Players can pass the dice, forcing opponents into the hot seat.

How to Play: Players take turns rolling two dice, aiming for a total of 7, 11, or doubles. Achieving this lets the player pass the dice to someone else. Failing to do so results in drinking a predetermined amount.

3. Drunkard's Dice

Overview: Drunkard's Dice is a push-your-luck game that adds a strategic twist to the dice-rolling excitement. Players accumulate points based on the dice outcomes and decide whether to press on for more or play it safe and pass the dice to the next player.

How to Play: Players take turns rolling six dice, earning points based on the combination rolled. They can choose to continue rolling for more points or pass the dice to the next player. Rolling a losing combination results in a drink penalty.

4. Three Man

Overview: Three Man is a dice-based drinking game that involves a bit of luck and a lot of camaraderie. The "Three Man" takes center stage, and rolls determine who drinks and assigns drinks to others.

How to Play: Players take turns rolling two dice, and the outcomes have various meanings. If the dice add up to 3 or show a combination with 3 (like 2 and 1), the Three Man drinks. Other combinations may involve assigning drinks, creating a lively and interactive atmosphere.

5. Roll for Shots

Overview: Roll for Shots elevates the stakes with each roll, making it a thrilling dice-based drinking game. Players compete to roll the highest number, with the loser downing a shot. The tension rises with every toss of the dice.

How to Play: Each player takes turns rolling a single die, aiming for the highest number. The player with the lowest roll must take a shot. For added excitement, introduce variations like "lowest two rolls" or "reverse order" for a twist.

6. Quarters

Overview: Quarters, a classic drinking game, meets the dice for an exciting blend of skill and chance. Players aim to bounce a quarter off the table and into a cup while incorporating dice to spice up the gameplay.

How to Play: Players take turns bouncing a quarter off the table and into a cup. To add a dicey twist, players must roll a predetermined combination (e.g., doubles) before attempting the bounce. Failure results in drinking penalties.

7. Drunk Jenga

Overview: Drunk Jenga takes the classic block-stacking game to the next level by incorporating dice and drinking challenges on each block. The tower becomes a precarious construction of fun and inebriation.

How to Play: Each Jenga block contains a written challenge or instruction. Dice rolls determine which block a player must pull, and the challenge must be completed. Challenges can range from assigning drinks to performing silly tasks.

8. Kings

Overview: Kings, often played with a deck of cards, can be adapted into a dice-based drinking game for a lively twist. Each card corresponds to a unique action or rule, with dice determining the fate of the players.

How to Play: Assign specific actions or rules to each card in a standard deck. Use dice rolls to dictate which cards are drawn and the ensuing actions. The unpredictable nature of the dice adds an element of surprise to this classic game.

Cheers to Dicey Nights and Spirited Delights

As the dice roll and laughter fills the air, dice-based drinking games transform ordinary game nights into spirited celebrations. From the strategic decisions of Drunkard's Dice to the fast-paced excitement of 7-11-Doubles, these games offer a perfect blend of chance, skill, and social camaraderie.

Exploring the diverse world of dice-based drinking games adds a delightful twist to social gatherings. So, gather your friends, shake those dice, and let the good times roll as you go on a spirited journey through the world of gaming and libations. May your rolls be lucky, your sips enjoyable, and your game nights filled with unforgettable moments. Cheers to the thrill of the roll!

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