Dice Towers vs. Dice Trays: Which one do you need?

In the dynamic world of tabletop gaming, where every roll of the dice can determine the fate of your character, the choice of rolling accessories becomes a matter of serious consideration. Dice towers and dice trays each bring their unique charm and practicality to the gaming table. This blog aims to guide you through the comparison of these accessories, exploring the nuances that make them indispensable to different types of players.

The Majesty of Dice Towers

Dice towers stand tall as majestic structures, promising a theatrical and suspenseful roll for your dice. Let's delve into the intricacies that make dice towers a preferred choice for many tabletop enthusiasts.

Pros of Dice Towers:

Randomization: Dice towers excel in providing true randomization. The series of ramps and platforms within the tower ensure that dice tumble and bounce unpredictably, avoiding any player-influenced biases.
Theatrical Presentation: The visual appeal of dice towers is undeniable. The rolling process becomes a miniature spectacle as the dice traverse the tower's interior before landing on the gaming surface.
Noise Reduction: For those gaming sessions where noise control is crucial, dice towers offer a quieter alternative to the sometimes raucous rolls on the table.

Cons of Dice Towers:

Space Considerations: Dice towers, especially larger and more intricate designs, can take up a significant amount of space on the gaming table. This might be a concern for players with limited play area.
Assembly and Disassembly: Some dice towers are designed for portability, but assembly and disassembly may be required. This can be a minor inconvenience for those who prefer a quick setup.
Limited Personalization: While there are various designs available, personalization options for dice towers may be more limited compared to dice trays.

The Versatility of Dice Trays

Dice trays, in contrast, offer a more compact and versatile solution to the rolling dilemma. Let's explore the strengths that make dice trays a favorite among gamers.

Pros of Dice Trays:

Portability: Dice trays are generally more portable than dice towers. They can be easily folded or disassembled for transportation, making them ideal for gaming on the go.
Customization: Dice trays come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. This allows for a high degree of personalization, catering to individual tastes and gaming aesthetics.
Versatility in Use: Beyond rolling, dice trays can serve as a designated space for keeping dice, miniatures, or other game components. Some even feature compartments for organization.

Cons of Dice Trays:

Potential for Bouncing: While dice trays provide a contained rolling space, there is still the potential for dice to bounce or roll out, especially if rolled with excessive force. This may be a concern for players who prioritize a fully controlled rolling environment.
Less Dramatic Presentation: The contained nature of dice trays means the rolling process is less visually dramatic compared to the grand descent within a dice tower. Some players prefer the spectacle that comes with a tower.
Dependence on Surface: Dice trays rely on a flat surface for stability. If the gaming table is uneven or prone to shaking, it may impact the effectiveness of the tray.

Aesthetics and Theme Integration

Both dice towers and dice trays provide an opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetic of your gaming experience. Let's explore how these accessories can complement the theme of your tabletop adventures.

Dice Tower Aesthetics:

Sculptural Appeal: Dice towers often take the form of intricate sculptures or thematic structures. These designs can add an artistic element to the gaming table, serving as a conversation piece.
Thematic Integration: Some dice towers are specifically designed to match certain themes or settings, whether it's a medieval castle tower for fantasy campaigns or a futuristic structure for sci-fi games.
Collectible Designs: Enthusiasts may appreciate the collectible nature of unique and artisanal dice towers, creating a curated collection that aligns with their gaming interests.

Dice Tray Aesthetics:

Material Variety: Dice trays offer a wide range of material options, from leather and wood to fabric and metal. This variety allows players to choose a tray that complements the overall aesthetic of their gaming setup.
Artistic Customization: Personalization is a key strength of dice trays. Players can choose or commission trays featuring custom artwork, symbols, or thematic elements that resonate with their gaming preferences.
Matching Sets: Players can easily create matching sets with other gaming accessories, such as dice bags or playmats, by selecting or customizing a dice tray with a consistent theme.

Player Preferences and Gaming Styles

Ultimately, the choice between dice towers and dice trays often comes down to personal preferences and gaming styles. Let's explore how individual preferences may influence this decision.

Dice Tower Preferences:

Engagement with Randomization: Players who appreciate a more theatrical and visually engaging randomization process may gravitate towards dice towers.
Table Presence: For those who enjoy the sculptural and decorative aspects of tabletop gaming, a dice tower becomes a centerpiece that enhances the overall table presence.
Noise Considerations: Groups that prioritize noise reduction during gaming sessions may find dice towers to be a quieter alternative to traditional table rolls.

Dice Tray Preferences:

Compact and Portable Gaming: Players who prioritize portability and a compact gaming setup may find dice trays to be a more convenient choice.
Personalization Enthusiasts: Those who enjoy adding a personal touch to their gaming accessories through customization and thematic elements may lean towards dice trays.
Multi-Functional Use: Gamers who appreciate accessories with multi-functional uses, such as doubling as a storage space for dice or miniatures, may find dice trays to be versatile additions to their gaming toolkit.

The Hybrid Solution - Combining Towers and Trays

Some gamers opt for a hybrid solution, combining the strengths of both dice towers and dice trays to create a versatile and dynamic rolling setup.

Hybrid Advantages:

Visual Drama and Containment: Combining a dice tower for initial randomization with a dice tray for containment provides the best of both worlds. The tower adds visual drama, while the tray ensures controlled outcomes.
Flexible Setup: Players can choose to use the dice tower or tray based on their preferences for a particular session, allowing for a flexible and adaptable gaming setup.
Thematic Coordination: Selecting or customizing a dice tower and tray that share a thematic design allows for a cohesive and coordinated aesthetic on the gaming table.

Considerations for Hybrids:

Space Requirements: Combining both accessories may require additional table space. Consider the available gaming area and whether the hybrid setup enhances or detracts from the overall gaming experience.
Personalized Themes: Ensure that the thematic elements of the dice tower and tray complement each other, creating a harmonious visual narrative.


In the grand theater of tabletop gaming, the choice between dice towers and dice trays becomes a matter of personal preference and gaming style. Dice towers offer a visually captivating and randomized rolling experience, adding a touch of spectacle to each dice throw. On the other hand, dice trays provide a compact and customizable solution, allowing players to infuse their gaming setup with a personal touch.

Ultimately, the decision between a dice tower and a dice tray—or even a combination of both—rests on the individual needs and preferences of the gaming group. Whether you're drawn to the dramatic descent within a tower or prefer the versatility of a personalized tray, these accessories enhance the tactile joy of rolling dice, ensuring that every gaming session is a memorable adventure. So, as you prepare for your next tabletop journey, consider the dynamics of your gaming group, the thematic elements you wish to embrace, and the style that resonates with you. Happy rolling!

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